Friday, October 17, 2008

Bois D'Arc Walking Sticks, Cured

Bois D'Arc tree cane was cut from.

Left side view.

Right side view.

Top of cane

Bottom of cane.

The photos below are the 2 cured Bois D'Arc walking stick blanks.

On the left is the cured stick I will send.  The cane on the right is for comparison only.  I could cut off the part extending downward to save on postage.  It is currently 56 inches long and weighs 4 pounds.

These 2 were the only ones long enough for your needs.  The one on the far left has too many crack for me to sell it.

 This one will make a nice walking stick.       The cane is shown for comparison. 

This is the shaft of the cracked one showing it is crooked.   When I cut most of them, I strapped them down onto a 2x12 to hold them straight.  Looks like I didn't strap this one or it was severely crooked.

This is the top of the good one.  It is 56" long from tip to tip.  This is the one I can send.

This shows both......the crooked one and the straight one.  The crooked one can be salvaged but you would have to fill the cracks with LOTS of epoxy and it is not too desirable anyway and would require more postage because of weight.

showing crack.

More cracking

More cracking on bottom.